Whatcom County Sheriff Office Auxiliary Communications Service (WCACS)

Welcome to the website of WCACS – the Whatcom County Auxiliary Communications Service a volunteer service of amateur radio operators serving the Whatcom County Sheriff Office Department of Emergency Management and Whatcom County Sheriff Office Search and Rescue. Officially, we are Whatcom Country Sheriff Office Auxiliary Communications Service (WCSO-ACS), but go by WCACS because it’s less of a mouthful.

WCACS is an ARES group (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) providing emergency communications for the people of Whatcom County. Many of our members are also members of Whatcom Emergency Communications Group (WECG) and a merger is currently under consideration.

WCACS was founded sometime before 2009. We hope to have more history soon. There are two call signs associated with WCACS: WC7HQ operating from the radio room of Whatcom Unified Emergency Coordination Center (WUECC) also known as the Whatcom Unified Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The other call sign is WC7SO which is the Sheriff Office communications van.This is a new website set up for coordinating and sharing emergency communication training, exercises, and information. Please direct comments, questions, or content ideas to the current website manager: John Hatten, 360-671-7012 (text is best, or call, or voicemail).


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